Summer Sensations – Remedies and Self Help Titbits!

We all love the summertime don’t we, or do we? Some people really struggle in the heat. And even those of us who thrive this time of year, can be affected by the hot days and nights. I’ve put together some tips together on how to stay safe and well this time of year…….


Sunstroke or too much sun

Aconite – the patient will have excessive thirst, feel anxious, have hot head but could feel chilly.

Belladonna – the patient could be experiencing a throbbing headache, have dilated pupils, heat that radiates out and they will feel hot

China – Debilitated from the sun and loss of fluids. They will be experiencing trembling

Gelsemium – the patient will feel drowsy and possibly light headed. Chills will be running up and down the spine intermittently

Natrum Carb – Completely debilitated by the sun and prone to headaches. These people will always seek out the shade and are much worse for being in the sun.

Pulsatilla – the patient can be affected by the heat of a room, not just from too much sun. They will be emtional (weepy), want to be cared for. They will be light headed and want to be fanned.

Selenium – when the patient is exhausted and feels really sleepy from being in the sun. This is particularly good for babies and the elderly who have overheated


Belladonna – Redness and heat with a possible fever

Cantharis – Sunburn that has blistered


Apis – a specific for bee and wasp stings

Belladonna – When bites are red, swollen, throbbing

Ledum – Especially good for mosquito bites but use whenever the skin has been broken. Our skin is our first line of defence so its a great remedy whenever the skin has been punctured. This is a great remedy for itching from bites too.

Hypericum – If wound looks like its getting infected

Combine both ledum and hypericum if the bites turn a bit nasty – you can alternate the remedies until you feel relief. I know some people are affected more than others so these two remedies are a must during the summer period.

Please contact me for remedies and advice on strength and how often you take them….. 07929769721

Self Help

It is so so important to stay hydrated during the heat of summer. But it’s not just water we lose when we sweat. A great re-hydration drink to consider is:-

1 teaspoon of salt – a good salt though i.e Himalayan, Celtic or Sea Salt – table salt is a no no!!

1 teaspoon of Bicarb of Soda

4 teaspoons of honey

Add all these to 2 pints of water and drink this gently to re-hydrate yourself. You can add carrot juice or other flavours for taste if you wish

Another drink to consider if you have access to Homeopathic Tissue Salts, add Ferrum Phos and Natrum Mur to a litre of water and drink.

Natural aloe vera gel and natural yoghurt are good to use topically to ease symptoms of sunburn.

If you are travelling on holiday, many people can be affected by eating and drinking foreign bacteria. This can cause a loose stool or constipation. The body needs to adjust and these strange bacteria are seen as an irritant. Mild diarrhoea is good as it helps to slow and adjust the body to the new environment. Use homeopathic remedies if this becomes a problem such as Ars Alb, Nux Vom and Lycopodium. You can use the re-hydration recipe above but a stronger first aid tip is Rice Water!

Boil your rice in water for at least half an hour. Strain off the water and add sugar, salt (the good stuff!) and honey. The salt and sugar will help to regain energy levels. If you mix Yoghurt and rice it will help to settle your stomach. If you do not have access to rice, eat a good natural yoghurt.

Other great tips are limit the amount of time you spend in the sun…… be sensible x

I’ve heard and read some great titbits over the years from mums putting their kids pyjamas in the fridge, or using hot water bottle, filled with cold water. Place these in the freezer (don’t overfill because they will expand!) and take these to bed with you……. I would imagine this may help menopausal women too! I’ve also read that placing frozen water bottles in front of a room fan can help cool down the temperature in a room too! Failing that, consider a nice cool shower or my favourite would be to put your feet in a bowl of cold water whilst sucking on a lolly – sounds pretty good to me! You can use this opportunity to give yourself a pamper too!

Dissolve some epsom salts or bicarb of soda in warm water first then add this to cool water in your bowl… and why not add some essentials oils like peppermint, aloe vera, chamomile and fennel to relieve dryness. By adding spearmint or lemon essential oil to the water this will also soothe tired feet.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this – I’ve certainly enjoyed writing it x

There are a number of fabulous alternatives to shop bought suncreams and sunscreens which are much more healthier to use….and on many occasion cheaper too! When you consider our skin is our largest absorption organ and you study the ingredients in some of these creams, you may ask yourself are they creating more problems than solving? I will be doing a separate blog on this subject so watch out for that x

Much love, Josie

Spirituality – Do our Pineal Glands need nurturing?


“In the healthy condition of man, the spiritual vital force, the dynamis that animates the material body, rules with unbounded sway and retains all the parts of the organism in admirable, harmonious, vital operation, as regards both sensations and functions, so that our indwelling, reason-gifted mind can freely employ this living, healthy instrument for the higher purpose of our existence” Samuel Hahnemann, 1833

In living beings, energy flows not only from physical nourishment we give it, but through the body in pathways known as meridians and in energy centres called Chakras.  Chi (Qi or Ki) is the energy of life itself, a balance of Yin and Yang, positive and negative, electromagnetic energy which flows through everything in creation.  In homeopathy we call this the Vital Force.  Clean food and water, exercise, nutrients and a healthy mind are all vital for us to live a fabulous life.  But more importantly, we all need to look at our spirituality.

With the church being discredited hundreds of years ago, many of us have thrown ourselves into a more material world, driven by the need to feel safe, replacing a spiritual belief system with a more monetary belief system – “if I had more money I would be happy” kinda of thing.  But is this new belief system any better?  Is this something that has been thrust upon us, just like the corrupt church many centuries ago?

I am not disputing the fact that money gives you more control over your life and a sense of security but something is missing on a deeper level.  Does wealth and power truly make us happy? The rise of mental health issues in recent years has been astronomical, even affecting our beautiful children.  But what if it wasn’t us the people who were at fault, but the system?

It appears our basic essentials have been compromised during the last hundred years.  We have chemicals and pesticides in our food, artificial dead foods, fluoride in our water, environmental toxins in the sky, affecting the air we breathe, toxic medications and chemical based skin products and deodorants.  Maybe it’s time we took the responsibility back to nurture ourselves, clean up our act so that the world can clean up hers x

During lockdown I revisited my spirituality.  I have been so busy building up my business, I got caught up in just surviving and not thriving.  This system we live in is hard.  My spirituality has always been there but it got pushed to the back of importance.  I have taken this time during lockdown to complete all those courses I’ve been promising myself.  I’ve read those articles and books that have been sat in a big pile of ‘to do’ things.  I have been introduced to some incredibly inspiring people and as a result I have discovered a whole new world.  I feel at peace, full of love and optimistic about the future.  And it’s mostly to do with this little beauty!

There’s this magical gland in our brains called the Pineal Gland – and it’s no bigger than the size of a bean!  It has more power in there than I could ever have imagined – so I’d really like to share with you what I have discovered.


Within our bodies we have 7 Chakras, energy zones and each one sits over an endochrine system.  The 6th Chakra, our third eye because it’s about ‘seeing’ is where our Pineal Gland is based.

This centre is about intuition: our ability to visualise, to imagine, to be clairvoyant (meaning clear seeing), and to hold a greater vision for our lives.  Have you ever had a moment where you clearly could see how every detail of a project could easily fall into place? Ever had the experience of thinking of someone, and then they called you? Did you ever just KNOW something was going to happen and then it did? Has it happened that the most amazing idea popped into your head, seemingly out of nowhere?  Well that’s all down to the Pineal Gland.


Your Pineal Gland produces melatonin and serotonin.  Melatonin is the hormone that regulates the body’s circadian rhythm.  It plays a role in puberty and the biological ageing process.  Melatonin is produced during the absence of light – in the winter and at night while we sleep.  It reaches its peak around 2-3am – hence the importance of a good nights’s sleep.  Many people who do shift work and those who suffer with insomnia will be low on melatonin.  Problems associated with low melatonin are influenza, cancer, altzeimers, auto-immune illnesses, hypothyroidism, diabetes, digestive and kidney problems.  Serotonin is a neurotransmitter and if not functioning correctly can affect our mood.

The Egyptians connected spiritual awareness to the pineal gland and called it the ‘Seat of the Soul’ = intuition, discernment, psychic awareness and it expands our mind’s capacity.



But what happens if our system becomes toxic?  The pineal gland uses two thirds more blood supply than any other gland so it is susceptible to holding heavy metals, environmental toxins (pesticides, fluoride, metals from vaccines and poor food, radiation poisoning from cell phones and microwave ovens and EMR.  This causes your pineal gland to ‘calcify’.


Calcification and its side effects

No sense of direction
Bored with your job, fearful to move on
Rooted in the world
Feel like your going around and around in circles
Spacey, not grounded
A sense of splitting off – Altzeimers, Dementia, Autism, Parkinsons, Schizophrenia?
Depression and Dissatisfied
Mental Confusion
Inability to connect and trust the universe
Absence of courage and faith in oneself
Unable to think or reason beyond our own physical needs
Resistance against change which involves growth and development

Can you see how our toxic world could be heavily affecting the health of our bodies but especially our emotions and thought processes?


Benefits of a Healthy Pineal Gland

Self knowledge – insight, awareness
Connected spirituality
Acceptance of oneself
Blissful, a sense of great oneness with everything
Peaceful and contented
Optimistic, Positive
Connection with others and nature


Having read the positives of a healthy Pineal Gland, I set about discovering how we might improve and decalcify this little beauty.  Even if we live a very healthy life, there is no escaping all of the toxins in our environments.


In homeopathy, we work with remedies called Sarcodes.  These are used to rebuild tissue when organ structures are in a dis-eased state.  Damage can result in malfunctioning of an organic field.  It can take a while to see results due to correct rebuilding at a cellular level and younger patients respond quicker.  In older patients, certain remedies can be used to stimulate cleansing and also to stabilise and reduce the risk of a continuing problem.

There are also many many other natural remedies to help with your health in general

Please contact me directly if you would like more information regarding homeopathy.

Disclaimer – Remedies are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease


The mental health benefits of meditation include better focus and concentration, improved self-awareness and self-esteem, lower levels of stress and anxiety, and fostering kindness. Meditation also has benefits for your physical health.

I also came across a story  published in the American Journal of Cardiology that confirmed that meditation was also beneficial for our physical health as well as our mental and emotional well-being.  The ancient medical practices have understood this forever but it’s good to see modern medicine catching up.

During the trials, Meditating was associated with a 35% lower risk of high cholesterol, a 14% lower risk of high blood pressure, a 30% lower risk of diabetes, 24% lower risk of stroke and a whopping 49% lower risk of coronary artery disease – those are incredible figures!!

Many Alternative health therapists and practitioners  like myself and religions have promoted the art of meditations for centuries.  There were 61,000 participants in this trial and Dr Krittanawong – fabulous name – confirmed he would be doing more trials.

Meditation is something that I have really embraced these past few months.  I have tried so many times to practice it but the most ridiculous thoughts would just pop into my head!  I was recommended the facebook page below – and have not looked back.

“The Global Awakening is a movement to unite humanity with the purpose of creating a peaceful and sustainable world. Our mission is to have one million people meditating together at the same time every week to raise the collective consciousness”.

It has been scientifically proven that groups of people meditating or praying collectively can have a very positive effect on the vibration of the Earth.  Standing together in love and gratitude, we are very powerful x

Meditation has helped me enormously – on all levels – I have never felt so peaceful.  I have also discovered that when we continually live in fear and anxiety, these negative emotions are the lowest vibrations on the planet.  The most interesting thing I have discovered is the opposite of fear is love.  When you switch your thought process from your brain into your heart space, something incredible happens.  The less stressed we are the healthier we are so I highly recommend meditating. Oh and practice gratitude everyday – it’s up there with love on the vibrational scale x


There are also some interesting meditation on YouTube specifically for decalcifying your pineal.  Go take a look


Food and Nutrition

Eat organic – I know this isn’t always possible, but try to cook from scratch as often as you can.  Processed foods are full of additives.
Pure filtered water – plenty of it
Take plenty of sunshine – Vitamin D is absorbed and best through the pupils.  Don’t stare at the sun of course, but try to spend around 20-30 minutes a day outdoor with no shades on
Lemon and citric acid – a great way to start the day – juice of half a lemon in boiled water
Consider an iodine supplement
Borax Supplement – removes fluoride, supports strong bones and muscles.  healthy testosterone levels and cognition
always consult your GP or medical practitioner before taking supplements

Foods to consider adding to your diet

Coconut oil
Blue-green algae
Cayenne Pepper

Until we take back the responsibility for our mental and emotional health as well as our physical well-being, we will continue to get caught up in a system that at times appears to place profit before people.

I do hope you have enjoyed reading this blog.  We are living in very strange times with too many people living in fear and anxiety.  We are at a time where we all need to unite and support, love and care for one another.

Together we could all go on an incredible spiritual journey – I think our ancestors, the ancient tribes and indigenous people probably knew a thing or two about life balance.  It’s time for humanity to learn from those wise, selfless practices that have been forgotten by so many.  How wonderful would it be to live in a world fed with love x

Much love

Josie x

Tap Into The Collective Consciousness With Meditation


Detox Daily – 5G, Radiation and Free Radicals

Before I begin I have to make a disclaimer that any medical or historical information or statements made here are not intended as a substitute for the diagnosis and/or treatment or any health or physical disease or condition.  The content available is not intended to replace the services or treatment of any physicians or health care professional.  The information I’m about to share is for educational and historical purposes only.


With fears mounting everyday for the safety of 5G and the effects it will have on us and our wildlife, I have decided to write a blog.  I have been studying and reading papers from hundreds of experts these past few weeks who have freely given their time and knowledge, and I now wish to share all that I have learned.

Firstly I want to say we will be OK. We just need to take back the responsibility of our health.  We CAN protect ourselves and those we love……. we are about to discover all the old ways of boosting immunity and detoxing – ways that have been hidden from us for too long.  Our bodies are extremely clever machines – our immune systems have taken a bashing over the years but now we have tools that will help it to rebalance and do the job it was invented to do without the intervention of so called medical science.

As you know my background is homeopathy and I have been fortunate to have been part of a study group run by a world renown homeopath who has shared what he and many others are suggesting we can do daily to keep ourselves safe and as healthy as possible.  I’m fortunate to have in my armoury the knowledge of homeopathic remedies but love these new discoveries that I will now be embracing and sharing with my patients and anyone else who understands the importance of researching further than the realms of conventional medicine to keep ourselves as healthy as we can…….So here goes………


Activated Charcoal or also known as Carbon 60 (C60)


This powerful antioxidant is an anti-ageing product that is used for longevity and healing of life.  If you consider we are carbon based beings, you will understand just how powerful this product could be by introducing it into our daily regime

C60 has been recognised for its health benefits for years and in 1966 scientists were awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for their findings.

C60 strips the body of heavy metals, toxins, free radicals and viruses!

It is the same material that is found in star dust and meteorites.  The powder found on the floor after lightning has struck is activated charcoal.

The molecular structure looks like a football (Soccer?!?) and consists of 60 carbon atoms that circulate clockwise through the body.  And as it rushes through the body it cleanses it of free radicals (external toxins) that have been absorbed through our bodies (e.g. 5G, radiation etc)

It will also detox metals from vaccines, drugs – both prescription/social and poisons.  Could this help those on the spectrum?

It can be used topically and internally……. but it has to be activated charcoal.

Other Benefits

Slows down ageing process
Enhances memory – altzeimers? dementia?
Increases cell regeneration
Athletes use it to improve their performance, recovery time (lactic acid)
It restores the body’s innate ability to heal itself
Better sleep
Calmer, stronger, more stamina, increased libido
Helps to eradicate bacteria and viruses
Weight loss
May reverse skin disorders

We just need more people to use it!

C60 can be purchased in capsule or powder form – I prefer the powder form as it’s also beneficial to our beloved pets and can be mixed in their food too.  Please use a good source – I see many pellets etc for fish tanks etc on sale but go for a good grade powder or capsule – it must be bamboo or coconut shell version.


1 teaspoon mixed with organic olive oil (dark bottle so its not affected by light) = fat soluble, so that it is absorbed into the body more effectively.

Do this once a day for general health – taken at night
1-2 capsules a day for general health – taken at night

If you have a pre-existing health problem, dis-ease or an acute illness
2 capsules 3-5 times a day
1 teaspoon of C60 in organic olive oil – twice a day
Reduce down once you see improvement

For our pets
1 teaspoon in organic olive oil once a day in their food – this will help their general health and existing health issues.  They revert to being much younger dogs and cats!

Why don’t we know about this?  There’s no money in it – its natural and cannot be patented

It’s a super-antioxidant and covers so many illnesses

Taken orally it can help neutralise radiation as well as many other poisons and heavy metals

C60 has many pores and gaps in its structure making it an excellent absorption product and an electromagnetic wave and radiation shield.

Medical Uses

To eliminate toxic by-products that cause anaemia in cancer patients
Disinfects and deodorises wounds
Filters toxins from blood in liver and kidney disease
Purifies blood in transfusions
Cuts down on odours for ileostomy and colostomy patients
Treats poisonings and overdoses of aspirin, Tylenol and other drugs
Treats forms of dysentery, diarrhoea, dyspepsia and foot & mouth disease
Treats poisonous snakes, spiders and insect bites

There are numerous books out there giving you 101 benefits and uses for it – please go and research this amazing product – I’m just here to offer the advice given to me

But for starters just type in antioxidant and carbon 60 into your browsers – this will lead you to a fantastic video!


Hydrogen Water – Enormous Molecular Power Support


Also known as H2 – and it’s best known for energy and is another super anti-oxidant to protect us from radiation and 5G

There are over 700 peer research studies on the benefits of Hydrogen Water (H2).  You can go look at the YouTube videos – there is so much research available

In ancient medicine the 4 elements of the body are addressed as Earth, Water, Air and Fire = Carbon 18%, Hydrogen 10%, Oxygen 65%, and Nitrogen 13%.  We’ve covered the earth section (C60) so let’s look at the water element now.

Hydrogen consists of just 2 electrons and it is known to be able to ‘donate’ = give away; detox.  Hydrogen is the most abundant molecule in the universe,  its a colourless, odourless and tasteless gas.  In 2007 a team of Japanese scientists discovered inhaled, it could act as a powerful anti-oxidant and protect the brain from free radicals.

In water, it is loaded with hydrogen molecules so its the most practical and easy way of getting hydrogen into the whole body.  Because it is the smallest existent molecule it can penetrate into every cell, organ and body system, literally flushing out free radicals everywhere.  With very few side effects and with a such wide ranging action, this could be what the world has been looking for.


It clears the mind and is another very powerful anti-oxidant known to increase anti-oxidant powers
Improves recovery
Supports cellular signalling and health
Maintains homeostasis = balance
Neutralises free radicals
Protect the brain from free radicals – altzeimers? dementia?
Reduces oxidative stress
Supports key enzymes
Weight loss
Anti-allergy activity
Mood Disorders
Anti cancer potential
Help with side effects of chemotherapy and radiation
Enhances wound healing
Boosts skin health
Protects the heart, liver, eyes, kidneys, lungs
Combats allergies
Bacteria and oral health benefits


Just 1 tablet added in a glass jug of water will help to address so many things – you will just need to look at the PPM – parts per million.  You want to aim for 1.5 – 4 PPM per tablet.  There might be products on the market that try to trick you by stating “4,000 PPB” which is basically the same thing but they have changed the M to a B!

Take 1 tablet, add it to a glass jar or jug – around 16oz and cover it.  It will start to release gas.  You can then drink it over the next hour.  Any longer and the gas will start to weaken and will even start to seep out of the glass its that small.

There are so many different ways of getting Hydrogen water – from battery operated infusers to appliances for the home.


There’s a myth surrounding the amount of water we should be drinking each day.  If you are thirsty, then drink.  If you are waking at night to urinate, then you could be drinking too much.  If you are over drinking, you could be overworking your kidneys and adrenals which isn’t such a good thing.  And you’re better to drink a glass of water down straightaway.


With a combination of C60 with your food and hydrogen water daily, this would make a significant difference to your health.




5G cannot go through walls.  Let’s discuss a few other things you might want to consider introducing to your homes.

Shungite – pronounced ‘shungee’

This is an ancient energy stone and made up of 98% carbon – the basic element of human life.  You can wear it, place it in water, place it on your routers, TVs, computers etc.  It comes in pyramid – the larger they are the more protection they give – so buy one relative to the space you want to protect.  There are 3 classifications of Shungite
Elite = 98% carbon
Petrovsky Shungite = 50-70% carbon
Black Shungite = 30-50% carbon

I would definitely recommend the Elite.

You can buy carbon black paint and use on your walls.  Beekeepers paint this on the roofs of the beehives and even place the stones at the entrance to the hives.  Our bees are so important for the survival of our planet and the human race.  If we lose our bees, we lose 90% of the world’s nutrition!


It is so important to make contact with the earth.  Too many of us live in cities, we wear rubber shoes, flip flops etc.  Walking barefoot on the soil for 10 minutes everyday will literally earth you!  You will transmit electrical currencies from your body to the earth.  Qi-gong an ancient exercise and breathing art will also help to ground you.  This, yoga or a standing meditation each day barefoot will also help to eliminate free radicals from the body.

You can purchase grounding mats to place under computer keyboards or to put on the floor under your feet when on a computer.  Grounding sheets can be bought to place on your beds.  I absolutely love mine.  You plug it in but don’t turn it on.  This will earth the sheet so you will be grounding during your sleep which when you consider is the time our bodies’ recover and cells rejuvenate – its a powerful time to be releasing free radicals.

Historically, indigenous people around the world have known of the benefits of grounding.  Many had ceremonies whereby they covered their bodies in mud. We could go right back to the Greeks and Hercules…… who got all his strength from the earth!  Father Kneiff a hydrotherapy expert and recommended the alternation of hot and cold on an injured part of the body, also recommended walking barefoot everyday on the ground.

Hering, the most famous of Homeopaths in America tells a story of a man who was convulsing after  being struck by lightning – they literally buried him in the earth and he survived.  Many other cultures used to place a dying person on the ground to ease their pain. It’s a really interesting concept and one that I am very new to.  But all I know is since the whole family have been sleeping on their grounding sheets, we have all noticed a difference in the quality of our sleep.

Other things to Consider

No to 5G phones
Do not place any phone in the front pockets of your jeans or trousers or in your bra ladies!
Use speakerphone or wired headphones for voice calls
Turn data off and WiFi off when you don’t need it
Use Shungite stickers on the backs of phones, ipads, computers,
Get rid of your microwave ovens! Go for an infra-red oven instead
Shut WiFi off at night and don’t sleep with the phone near to you
Avoid halogen and fluorescent lights
Take epsom salt baths, using baking soda or bicarb of soda
Avoid bluetooth – use ethernet or fibre optic where possible
LED Lights – new research is out now stating the dangers associated with these.  French scientists have produced a paper “Health Risks of LED Lighting”.   They can damage the retina and disturb our biological and sleep rhythms.  Its also associated with age-related macular degeneration  Blue light has a terrible effect on our melatonin levels – which will effect our sleep patterns. We produce most of this between 2.00am and 3.00am! so this is especially bad for shift workers like our medical staff.  Sleep is our most important function – sleep deprivation has been used as a form of torture so it’s a known fact how important it is to get a good nights sleep.


Please don’t get obsessed – we can deal with this.  Avoidance is the key.  Turn stuff off, eat well, sleep well and even if you just do C60 and hydrogen water, these two things will make such a difference.  Find a homeopath who will help boost your immunity on an emotional, mental and physical level too – our immune systems are nature’s gifts and it’s time to nurture them.  Many people have either forgotten the power of immunity or could it be that the truth has been hidden from us for too long


Much Love x

5G Danger: Hundreds Of Respected Scientists Sound The Alarm About Health Effects As 5G Networks Go Up Nationwide






Emotional and Mental Well-Being

A Positive Story by Josephine Chorley


I’m going to tell you a fairy tale……

Once upon a time there was a medical system that helped support your mental health.  It didn’t require you to stay on medication forever, the pills you took actually helped you to move on from trauma, grief, depression and even anxiety.  All the remedies given were natural, and helped your body’s incredible immune system to heal itself, so whether it was a broken leg, or a broken heart, you healed naturally and permanently.  The medical system wasn’t suppressive.  It allowed the body to move on, strengthening people’s minds, guts and most importantly their hearts.

And they all lived happily ever after…….. x


What if I told you this isn’t a fairy tale and that in fact there is a medical system that can do this for you?  Homeopathy has been in existence for nearly 300 years and its theories and principles are unchanged.  Millions of people around the world benefit from using Homeopathy daily and in times like we are experiencing now, it has come into its own.

Many people are suffering from the other epidemic that is plaguing our world –the one that is affecting our emotional and mental well-being.

Fear and anxiety which is hugely detrimental to our immune systems are having a negative effect on so many people.  But there is help out there and I would like to share with you some fabulous remedies.

One of the biggest remedies for fear is a remedy called Aconite.  When administered by a homeopath, it has a calming influence on the body and allows the person to think with more clarity and to come out of ‘fight or flight’ mode so that they are able to come up with solutions and improve their situation instead of being caught like the rabbit in the headlights scenario.

Arsenicum – one of our top remedies for anxiety.  When someone is in an anxious state, it’s usually derived from thoughts regarding to their future.  Again this remedy will help the body to alleviate the anxiety by addressing the ‘What ifs’.  It will help calm allowing the patient to function more effectively.

One of the remedies I am prescribing at the moment is a remedy called Ignatia.  It is one of homeopathy’s biggest grief remedies.  Grief can be damaging to our health…. Mentally, emotionally and physically.  I often see patients in my practice who say to me “I have never been well since I lost my dad or mum, child etc.  We lose people all the time during our lifetimes and for some it has devastating effects.  With the aid of remedies such as ignatia, homeopaths are able to help people cope better.  The remedy encourages people’s expression of their grief so that it is not internalised.

I have been prescribing this a lot at the moment for those amongst us who are experiencing the loss of their loved ones but also the loss of their jobs.  People are grieving for their old lives mostly, missing friends and family and with the added isolation, people are really suffering.

People are and can be supported at this time.  Please be aware in homeopathy though that it is always best to consult with a homeopath who is experienced in prescribing remedies on an individual basis.  It may not be one of these remedies that you need.  They will know what strength to administer the remedy and will be there to support and send additional remedies should their patients need them.

Please reach out to me if you or anyone you know, of any age, who is struggling emotionally at this time.  It saddens me that too many people are unaware of the medical help available to them that treats them individually, naturally with long term health benefits.  Much love


Josephine Chorley BSc (hons) Health and Science – Homeopathy;  LCCH

07929 769721

Prevention is better than Cure…


Before I begin I have to make a disclaimer that any medical or historical information or statements made here are not intended as a substitute for the diagnosis and/or treatment or any health or physical disease or condition.  The content available is not intended to replace the services or treatment of any physicians or health care professional.  The information I’m about to share is for educational and historical purposes only.  Medical history reveals that homeopathy has successfully treated colds, influenza, bronchitis and pneumonia for over 200 years.

At this very worrying time many of us are asking what can we do to help protect ourselves during this time.  I have been doing extensive research and have discovered the following which may or may not be of interest.  To feel helpless though is not a good place to be.

As a homeopath, I am grateful for my remedy knowledge which helps my patients, family and friends and I would very much like to share with you what I have discovered over the years to help keep us healthy.

Our bodies are incredible tools.  When our immune systems are strong, the body is able to perform homeostasis which means to keep us in balance and it keeps us healthy.  When our immune systems are low, we are vulnerable to many dis-eases and in turn, our bodies start to produce symptoms.  These symptoms will be expressed in many different ways, depending on our susceptibility.  Some people suffer with headaches, some have digestive issues, many people suffer on an emotional and mental level and others develop auto-immune illnesses.

There are many things in the world now that will be affecting our immunity, free radicals, external toxins – radiation, WiFi, pollution and internal toxins gained from things like the food we eat, smoking, and long-term medication.

As well as homeopathic remedies there are many things we can be doing to keep ourselves as well as possible on a physical and mental/emotional level.

Today I will be sharing with you the things we can be doing on a daily basis, to keep our physical bodies strong.  I will be doing another blog in the next few days which will address how we can keep our emotional and mental health strong during these troubling times.



This is a hormone that we produce naturally in our pineal gland.  It’s our brains response to darkness (1).  Melatonin is responsible for our sleep/wake cycle (2) so a good night’s sleep is one of the most important aspects of our daily routine.  Sleep is the time our cells regenerate, boosting our immune systems.  Our production of melatonin peaks around 2.-00am-3.00am so we all need to be tucked up in bed by then!  Scientists for years have known about the effects of a lack of melatonin can have on us and historically, we know that sleep deprivation was actually used a form of torture.  Parents of children who don’t sleep well, I’m sure will vouch for this too!

Melatonin has been proven to inhibit NLRP3 inflammasomes (3).  Without getting too technical, this basically means its a strong anti-inflammatory and has an strong affinity to the lungs (4).

If you think about our wonderful NHS staff who are battling to save people, working around the clock, their sleep-wake cycle will be hugely disrupted.

WiFi can also affect our melatonin levels (5).  That is why it is so important to unplug your routers at night.   With the concerns people are having regarding the launch of 5G, we do need to consider the implications to our health.  It has been scientifically proven to affect our sleep/wake cycle, leading to the disruption of our cell metabolism, our brain glucose metabolism (= diabetes) and will generate stress proteins.

My belief is that 5G hasn’t caused this latest epidemic, but it appears it maybe aggravating it.  Many doctors are now discovering, it’s not pneumonia in some cases they are needing to treat, but radiation pneumonitis (6)

Melatonin can be purchased as a supplement or as a homeopathic remedy.  Dosage/potency will need to be addressed on an individual basis.  If you or anyone you know is on the front line (carers, doctors, nurses), melatonin would be a great addition to help protect these selfless individuals.  Combine this with Zinc, on a daily basis would be even more powerful.  So let’s discuss Zinc……


Zinc is involved in numerous aspects of cellular metabolism. It is required for the catalytic activity of approximately 100 enzymes and it plays a role in immune function , protein synthesis, wound healing, DNA synthesis, and cell division (7).  Zinc is a great supplement to use to keep our immune systems boosted and especially for those who are prone to coughs, colds and influenza.  If we take this back to the damages our DNA and cells face from free radicals (radiation, toxins, pollutants etc), this could be a vital part of our daily routine.

Zinc can be taken as a supplement or as a homeopathic remedy.  Dosage/potency will need to be addressed on an individual basis.

Arsenicum Album – A Homeopathic Remedy

This is one of homeopathy’s top remedies for people suffering with anxiety.  We also use it as an effective alternative for asthma and other lung conditions (8).  From my personal experience in treating some of my patients in the past two months, this remedy has helped them enormously, especially on an emotional  and mental level as well as their physical symptoms.  Again with homeopathy, the individual must be expressing the symptoms best suited for this remedy…..

:  Heat/burning sensations in chest, throat, stomach; chilly; anxious; must sit up; sickness and diarrhoea – just a few of the symptoms that could be relieved from using this remedy.  Please consult with a homeopath.  If you know of anyone on the front line or if you or anyone has been exposed, this can be used to help your body’s immune system.  Combine this with a remedy called Oscillococcinum once a week will help too.



Our bodies have an inbuilt system called a Endocannabinoid System which helps to keep our bodies in balance (homeostasis).  It addresses our mood,  sleep/wake cycle, appetite and so many other benefits.  If you would like to purchase a 100% organic CBD oil, one of the purest on the market, please follow this link :- – please contact me for more information and how to take it.

Like anything, there are good and bad products on the market.  HempWork offers you a 60 day empty bottle money back guarantee should you not be satisfied – that’s how confident and transparent they are as a company.  I wouldn’t be without mine now




Rhodiola is used as a so-called “adaptogen”, to help the body adapt to and resist physical, chemical, and environmental stress, and for many other uses (9), (10).


Other healthy suggestions……

Bicarbonate of Soda

We need to keep our bodies alkalyzed (11)….. our body’s natural pH level is 7.4.  Anything lower than that and we are ‘acidic’.  Anything higher than that, then we are alkalyzed.  It is a scientifically proven fact that when we are acidic, we are prone to becoming ill – bacteria and viruses just love an acidic environment… including cancer!!

With the use of litmus paper, we can test ourselves daily so that we achieve high alkaline levels within our body.  Things that affect us are medications, Sugar, too much protein, not enough green leafy veg etc.  But did you know there is a simple way to do this and it costs pennies…. Bicarb!!!  This is an historical home cure and looking back, it probably only phased out when patent medicine appeared.  This beautiful product should be in everyone’s homes.  It is an effective organic cleanser around our homes as well as one for inside our bodies (12).  Please contact me for further information or go do a little research yourselves x

Hot water with lemon juice – first thing every morning….. this gets your immune system and metabolism going!!! and combined with bicarb….. its packs a powerful punch!

I could go on and on…… Apple Cider Vinegar, superfoods, vitamin ‘C’ and ‘D’ – get out in the sunshine everyday and if possible walk barefoot on the ground… this helps to ‘earth’ you! Sounds quirky but again, its a proven fact that as energetic beings, humans need to walk on the earth everyday, barefoot, to help release bad energy


I want to wish you all good health and happiness – we will get through these very surreal times.  I will be following up with a blog that will focus more on our emotional and mental health as I said in the next few days.  Please feel free to contact me in the meantime if you or someone you know could do with some help with regards to their mental health.  There are many remedies out there to help you cope with whatever it is  you are experiencing – grief for a lost friend or family member, the loss of the life we had just a month ago, fear, anxiety and sadness because we cannot be with those we cherish most.  If our emotional health is poor, this will lower our immunity.  So try to stay strong and positive

Much Love x










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Homeopathy – Coronavirus and Pneumonia


I have just had the privilege of watching a Webinar by the very experienced and knowledgeable Homeopath Dr Robin Murphy who produced a presentation for a group of homeopaths regarding the situation the world finds itself pertaining to the Coronavirus.

The webinar was given freely and as homeopaths, we were encouraged to share the information with as many people as possible to answer some of the questions that people may have and to offer advice to those who are truly concerned.  It’s for those who are genuinely interested in methods of self-help and the preventative measures we can take if we are worried at all, especially those of us who might be travelling in the near future.

 Before I begin though I have to make a disclaimer that any medical or historical information or statements made here are not intended as a substitute for the diagnosis and/or treatment or any health or physical disease or condition.  The content available is not intended to replace the services or treatment of any physicians or health care professional.  The information I’m about to share is for educational and historical purposes only.  Medical history reveals that homeopathy has successfully treated colds, influenza, bronchitis and pneumonia for over 200 years.

Historically homeopathy has effectively treated diphtheria, cholera, Spanish flu and many other epidemics globally since the 19th century with a marked success over conventional medicine.  With this ‘new’ epidemic, I truly believe homeopathy can help dramatically and I would really like to share with you some suggestions on preventative action we can all take and highlight just some of the remedies that would be beneficial.  Homeopathy is about treating the specific symptoms of the person.  They work on a very deep level and boost a person’s immune system, helping them to fight off the virus or bacteria to aid recovery.

Coronavirus is the name given to influenza = corona meaning crown.  If you see the pictures on the news and on line of the virus, you’ll see little spikes sticking out –  it looks like a ‘crown’.  ‘Novel’ (meaning new) coronavirus is a type of influenza that affect the respiratory tract and when someone with a compromised immune system or weak lungs comes into contact with the virus, it can lead to pneumonia. As individuals, we express illness differently but in the case of epidemics, there are many shared symptoms.  No one remedy will fit all exposed to the virus but in epidemics, there are usually just handful of remedies that will be effective in fighting it.

The death rate so far is around 2,700 globally (as of 27/2/2020) and these were due to complications which affected the vulnerable within our community.  The development of pneumonia and swelling of the lungs has been the cause of death.  Please, please bear in mind though, if you are in relatively good health, you will only develop mild symptoms if you contract it at all and only if you are susceptible.  Medical scientists predicted that over a million people would die from this by now…….

So let’s put things into perspective – around 1 billion people contract flu every year with between 290,000 and 650,000 deaths due to complications.

There are 60 million inhabitants in Italy – As of today, 400 people have contracted Coronavirus and 12 have died. That’s 0.000667% of the Italian population.

It’s good to be aware of this awful flu  but let’s not get dragged into the media frenzy that is going on at the moment.

Let’s look at some of the ways we can help ourselves to stay well during this time.



 We have to be aware of our mind sets during this time too.  The more fear and anxiety we feel, the more we could be compromising our immune systems.  We can become ill when we’re stressed or under pressure emotionally, so please be kind to yourself and take care of your emotional health.

WASH YOUR HANDS – basic hygiene….. cover your mouth and nose, ideally with a tissue and then wash your hands again if you do get the sniffles etc – this is important with any respiratory illness…………… and teach your kids to do the same.  I can still hear my grandmother and mum shouting ‘put your hand over your mouth!’ every time I coughed as a youngster

There are Homeopathic Remedies to take daily for 2-3 days if you have been in contact with anyone with a respiratory condition and if you are worried about travelling to a vulnerable area in the near future.   These will help boost the immune system and are specific for supporting the lungs.   If anyone is interested in a remedy kit, then please contact me on


Signs and Symptoms

First Stage/First Signs of respiratory condition…..

Runny Nose


Sore Throat

High Temperature


All these symptoms can be addressed with homeopathic remedies (i.e Aconite, Belladonna, Ferrum Phos, Alium Cepa but please consult a homeopath) – all have their own particular symptoms and are all effective in fighting infection at the first signs of illness


Herbs, essential oils, tonics and tinctures are also beneficial

Second Stage    


Respiratory Difficulties:

Shortness of Breath – Key!

There are many remedies to address this later stage of the illness if it has been left to develop.

It’s after this stage, untreated in the vulnerable, the illness can develop into pneumonia.

Antibiotics are not effective against viruses but there are many highly indicated homeopathic remedies that will help the body to fight the virus effectively.

For those not familiar with Homeopathy, your mental and emotional health will also be taken into account.  With this type of virus, many people are anxious, fearful and some even believing they may die or suffocate.  Remedies such as Aconite and Ars. Alb would be highly effective in calming the patient as well as addressing the physical symptoms but again I cannot stress enough the importance of searching out a qualified homeopath.

I do not profess to be an expert in other therapies i.e. herbalism, but I have discovered so many tips on how we can help ourselves that I thought I would share these with you….. all of these have a history of helping coughs, colds, flu, and pneumonia – be kind to your bodies.


Some Suggestions:-


If symptoms do persist, or if you are on medication then please seek medical advice –  GP, physician or consultant.

I really hope this has helped to put things into perspective.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any concerns or would like to know how homeopathy could help to keep you feeling well.


Josephine Chorley

Some of my journey so far……

We all have two lives. The second one starts when we realise we only have one

At each major birthday (a new big figure!!) I can honestly say each new decade has brought something new and exciting.  I have struggled, I have battled but I have also learned.  At 53 now, I can honestly say I am more confident than ever! I can just hear my old Nan saying to me when I was a self-conscious teenager…. “Oh, if only I knew then what I know now… I would have been dangerous!”. I loved her, she was wise and funny, if not a little bonkers at times, but I miss that relationship in my life.

I took myself back to university at the ripe old age of 31. I always promised myself I would do a degree course later in life and that’s what I did.  I graduated with a BSc (Hons) Degree in Health Science and Homeopathy and it changed my life.  I was blessed mid way through my studies with a beautiful baby boy who is now 18! This career change from a City Girl, to an alternative therapist has allowed me to be around for most of his life and I knew that my career would grow at the rate of him.  Being a single mum with an absent father has been tough but we have had the most amazing life. I am so grateful to my family and my homeopathy – both have definitely kept me from going crazy at times… well, crazier!

Over the years, it has been predominantly women and children I have seen and am now launching this new career – whilst in the menopause myself – to help other women who are at times struggling with these hormonal changes.  The remedies I have personally used have helped with the numerous symptoms and so far, so good.

My patients have also reported great improvements on a physical level as well as on a mental and emotional level, too.  Ladies feel calmer, more able to cope and a general sense of well-being is achieved.  It is this that motivates me to get this message out there – there are alternatives around!

I want to promote the menopause in a positive light. We have so much to offer as we reach this stage in our lives and, with the help of homeopathy, we can make a huge difference.  We don’t have to suffer, we don’t have to make statements like “Oh its my age”, we don’t have to feel like we are losing the plot, we can still enjoy a great sex life if we want to and we can definitely feel more energised.

There are so many things we should be grateful for.  I am blessed now with the best, best friends I have ever had. The relationships are all based on trust and honesty and the odd glass (bottle!) of wine. We can say “no” and “yes” when we want and we all have the potential to make positive changes to our lives.

I look forward to sharing your journey and hope you choose to make this a positive change in life, an empowered transition into your Goddess.

Josephine Chorley

Sum Dea = I am Goddess

Depicted as the last aspect of a woman’s journey through life, the Crone was originally honoured, loved and worshipped.  She represented wisdom and beauty and was known as the healer and midwife.  The word Crone comes from the word Crown and I think we all deserve a crown for the fabulous things we have achieved in this life; whether it be raising a family, supporting friends and family or building a fabulous career.


Whether your journey has been a relatively easy one or one that has thrown you a curve ball at each corner, we should be proud of ourselves and embrace this potentially amazing transition in our lives.  We can make a positive change by embracing our Goddesses, making the next stage of our journey an incredible one.  We have a choice!

It was during the Middle Ages that the term Crone was used in a detrimental way and “the powers that be” depicted these amazing women in a negative light – as a wicked witch or a hag and unfortunately it is how many people, including women, still view the menopause.

But thankfully things are changing.  With many of us blessed with longer lives, there are more and more strong, positive women prominent in today’s world.  Things are far from perfect though – if not a little scary at times – but we can make a difference.  If we can just start to look at what we DO have and what we have learned, instead of what we DON’T have any more, it’s a great start.

As wise women, we can really make a difference – especially to our younger girlies who will be faced with the same problems that we were and sometimes I think the pressure on them is actually worse than anything I faced growing up.

We are not in competition with them – we’ve had those years – we are here to guide, to help them, to show them that it’s ok to make a fool of yourself, to not take yourself too seriously and embrace everything that life throws at you, LEARN from it and go on to be a better person.

We have done such a brilliant thing in preparing our young ladies for puberty but the subject of menopause is still a little hush hush.  It’s a sure thing that we are going to hit it at some point, so we need to start educating ourselves and those around us.

It’s not about getting old, its about getting wiser and ‘sassier’, feeling comfortable in our own skin, bodies and minds.  We need to be kind to ourselves and pat ourselves on the back for surviving this long!!

The change of life can be a positive change but only you can make that happen.  You are powerful, beautiful and sassy!  Sum Dea means “I am Goddess”.  Embrace your Goddess and grow older, wiser and why not do it a little bit disgracefully – but in a natural way of course!

With the help of homeopathy, natural products and suggestions, take back the control and responsibility of your health to become the crowned Crone inside of you and be the best that we can be and deserve!

Josephine @ Crone, Goddess, owner of a colourful life, mother to a beautiful 18 year old son and a good friend

This week I’ll be mostly…….. wishing I was 30 again (Or do I?)

This blog has literally come out of a photo that was shared on Facebook of me around about 12 years old!

Josie with her Mum and Sister

The funny thing is I still have the same haircut!!……. although I’m much blonder now (it’s easier to maintain when the grey starts to come through!)

I looked at my younger self and it started me thinking of the journey I have been on since then. Hitting puberty for me was tough. I didn’t like the way I looked, I thought everyone else was prettier than me. I thought I was fat and I was so scared of boys! I remember hiding away in the toilets at the Youth Club Disco when the ‘erection section’ came on at the end of the night just in case I was asked to dance…. or even worse not being asked at all!! And all that anxiety was before mobile phones and social media! I would have hated hitting puberty now with all that additional pressure on how women should look.

I started to think about the different stages in my life too…. late teens – experiencing my first love and then discovering rugby and pints with the help of my crazy welsh girlfriends. My twenties was spent working and playing hard. I also remember falling in love again and discovering the rave scene!

Having survived those crazy times – with relatively good kidneys and a liver still in tact, my 30’s were a more gentler time in my life. It is here that I discovered homeopathy and I began a new chapter. Having a baby basically and for those who have been blessed with a child or children, your life is just never the same!

My forties were different again – I had a bit of a ‘mid-life crisis’ I think haha x I dropped 3 stone, felt the sexiest I’d ever been, had a wild time with a man 8 years younger than me but this time I had wisdom on my side….. oh and I bought myself an old golf convertible that I had always dreamed about!

But if I’m perfectly honest, up until around about my late 30’s my self esteem was, basically, shite. Various knocks, disappointments and believing that I didn’t deserve better, had a negative impact on my life at times especially when it came to relationships. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had a good life and I am so grateful for everything that has happened and for every person who has crossed my path. It’s certainly been colourful! But I realise I spent too much time on my looks and not on what truly made me happy x

I look back now and I think I was OK, I was beautiful in my own way. I remember not taking part in things because I didn’t want people to look at me. I put up with things because I didn’t think I deserved any better. It makes me feel sad that at times I had just been mean to younger myself x

I’m now in my fifties and out the other side of menopause – it’s been 1 whole year with no periods and no hot flushes and my focus and memory is so much better – thanks to my remedies my transition was relatively easy. I think it was my peri-menopause that caused me more bother – because I didn’t realise I was in it for age. But I’m now in a good space emotionally and so much kinder to myself. My confidence is good, I’m blessed with good people around me and I’m focused on doing stuff for me….

What I’m trying to say is, don’t spend your life wishing you looked different. Stop giving yourself a hard time. Don’t look back at photos of yourself and wish you looked like that again – its not going to happen. You’re not the same person you were then. In 10 years time you’ll be wishing you looked like you do today so why wait to appreciate how lovely you are – Be kind and embrace the lovely unique woman that you are NOW x

Let’s started working on our core – I’m not talking about doing 200 press-ups and holding the plank until you are physically shaking (although exercise does have its benefits) – work on what’s going to see you through this life – work on your heart, your mindset and your soul…

If you have younger women in your life, show them this blog. Don’t let them go through life judging and comparing themselves. As older wiser, sassier women we can do that for them x

Much love Ladies x


This week I’ll be mostly…… waking up at 3.00am!


If you’re peri-menopause or menopause, the chances are you wake at least once at night….. (only once I hear you cry!) whether it’s because your bladder is about to burst or your hot flushes, night sweats have again left you in a pool of your own sweat and your nightie is clinging to you like a flying lemur!  Gone are the days of the Miss Wet T-Shirt competition eh?!

This is such a nightmare and do any of you experience waking at the exact time every night?  When I started my journey into the last aspect of my womanhood, for a whole week I woke at 3.06am every morning….. to the point where I would come to and almost plead for it not to be 3.06am – It was starting to get a little spooky! not to mention bloody annoying…….

From someone who has never really had problems sleeping, or urinating in the middle of the night, this was a real shock to my system….. sleep is just so important.  I even managed to escape those sleepless nights as a young mum as my son was an absolute dream of a baby and slept through the night from about 11 weeks……… I promise there is no smugness around this statement but its probably why I stopped at one child! I just knew if I bred again, I would end up with the Satan’s sporn.  Even now, he can sleep on the side of a penny!

But I just wanted to share with you what homeopathy did for me.  I took the appropriate remedies that best matched my symptoms and things settled down nicely.  What I found though, the symptoms that occur through the menopause can change on a daily, weekly and monthly basis so because I had the knowledge and remedies close to hand, I was able to feed my immune system what it needed….. I looked at the symptoms and took the appropriate remedy.

Our bodies at this time are changing rapidly with levels of oestrogen and progesterone peaking and troughing regularly – that’s why we feel like we are all over the place! Up then down, angry then weepy.  Some days you’d do anything to be alone then the next you may feel really lonely and crave the company of good friends or your partner or your children who are usually getting ready to fly the nest or worse, they are young teenagers and speaking to you like you are dog shite on their shoes………

It can be a tough time x

My menopause was eased so much by homeopathy and I so want you to understand that it doesn’t have to be a negative, scary stage.  With regular contact with a homeopath, you will be given remedies that will help YOU.

My hot flushes were helped by a remedy called Pulsatilla.  I would take one and almost immediately the flushing would ease.  I didn’t wake up at night, I felt happier and my memory improved dramatically.  Then I found with my journey, about two weeks later, I would wake up in the night doing the Hokey Cokey (left leg in, left leg out… in, out, in, out)  or I would be doing something during the day and I would feel a hottie coming on!  So I would then repeat the remedy, and the symptoms would disappear.

That was nearly three months ago.  Because I was in a position to have access to the right remedies, I fed my body what it needed and it got stronger and the imbalances were addressed.  I have not woken now in the night for weeks and I have not had a hot flush either.

I cannot tell you how amazing I feel now.  You don’t realise just how hormonal you are until your not!  My confidence is up, I feel like I can ditch the post-it notes (although I still write lists!) and generally I feel great.

All I have to do now is lose 2 stone by next Saturday (Party to go to) and the world will be rosy!  Seriously though, I really am now on a mission to address my eating habits and I choose to take a more nutritional route and get back on a low carb diet which really suits me.  I am DETERMINED not to have another fat summer – watch this space x