Empowering People to take back the responsibility of their own health

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A complete medical system that is used in the treatment of many dis-eases and complaints as an alternative to conventional medicine. Its biggest strength is looking at a person’s mental and emotional well-being not just their physical symptoms,something that is desperately needed in today’s world.

Homeopathy takes into account causes and imbalances on all levels and the remedies aid the body’s ability to heal itself by boosting the immune system. Our bodies when imbalanced, will display different symptoms and it is these differences that are key when prescribing the correct remedies for a person journey to real health.

I work closely with people of all ages – including newborns and pregnant women and teenagers with emotional issues.  Menopausal women benefit hugely from homeopathy which addresses both their physical health as well as any mental/emotional symptoms that can occur during this time.   The remedies really ease women through this sometimes difficult transition and avoids the use of prescription medication.  And lets not forget the men I have treated over the years.   From stress, anger, anxiety as well as sleep cycle difficulties, they experience a better sense of wellbeing after turning to homeopathy as an effective alternative.

“Josie has been treating my 3 year old twin boys, Leo and Charlie for well over a year.  By the time the boys were 2 years old we found out Leo was suffering with an underlying immune deficiency, he had a constant wheeze in his chest and was persistently getting ear infections. Charlie was also suffering with a wheeze and had been hospitalised with pneumonia.  Both were on a lot of medication, including inhalers and Leo had been prescribed preventative antibiotics.  At this point I knew I needed to find a different way to help and support them both.  I needed to focus on the cause and prevention rather than focusing on the superficial suppression of their symptoms.  
Josie is reliable and dependable and contacts me regularly with updates and advice. Josie really takes the time to get to know the children, recognises their differences and identifies their needs.  
We are now in a totally different position with the boys. Leo is no longer on preventative antibiotics.  His blood test results showed that his immune system was getting better and I am no longer having to give him an inhaler when he wheezes.  Not only that, but I have a child that is happy, is sleeping and developing well.
Charlie also no longer relies on his steroid inhaler.  As with all children, Charlie will now get a cough/cold but can fight it and gets better quickly rather than it going to a chesty cough and ending up on antibiotics, or worse hospitalised, as he had done before.
Josie not only helped Leo and Charlie but also gave me the confidence to support them both in a holistic way, bringing real and lasting health benefits to them, rather than having to rely on medication that suppresses their symptoms and has long lasting side effects. I could not be more grateful for her consistent support and guidance – thank you Josie and I fully recommend her service and support.”

K.M, Takeley