Homeopathy – The True Art of  Medicine

Homeopathy is a complete medical system and is used in the treatment of many dis-eases and complaints. For me, one of its biggest strengths is looking at a person’s mental and emotional well-being as well as their physical symptoms…… something that is desperately needed in today’s world. Patients report positive benefits after a consultation and individualised remedies.  Homeopathy is not a quick fix though.  But over time, you will achieve homeostasis = balance and fluidity within your body.  Its a wonderful process.

Homeopathy takes into account causes and imbalances on all levels and the remedies tap into your body’s ability to heal itself. They boost your immune system.  Our bodies when imbalanced, will display different symptoms and it is these differences that will help me make a decision on what remedies to prescribe you to help you on your journey.

Homeopathy is a wonderful medical system for those big changes in our lives and will as I said address your physical, mental and emotional health –

Babies and Toddlers – Teething, colic, separation anxiety, accidents, bumps and bruises

Children – entering the school system – not always a pleasant experience for some, new siblings in the family, family break-ups, anger, sadness

Teenagers – puberty and all the changes that occur within the body and externally – changing schools, exams, other teenagers, social media pressures, university

Career Decisions – changes, fear of failure, loss of position, lack of drive, ambition, no direction

Life in General – the loss of loved ones, break ups of marriages, moving home

Women – Periods, Menopause, infertility, plate spinning – the pressures of being a mum, wife, carer, cook and bottle washer, relationships, confidence and self esteem issues

Men –  Responsibilities of life, loss of a job, relationships, lack of confidence, general health, mental and emotional issues, anger, mid-life confusion and frustration

Older Generation – failing health, aches and pains, cocktail of medication, dementia and altzeimers or just the fear of getting these


These are just some of the issues I have helped people with over the years as well acute illnesses, avoiding the use of antibiotics and long-term medication

I offer one on one consultations either in person or using Skype/FaceTime so that I can reach out to more people around the world.

During your first consultation you will get the chance to really talk about anything and everything that is troubling you.  Follow-ups are between 4-6 weeks whereby I will assess your body’s reaction to the remedies and decide whether additional remedies are needed.  You will also be able to contact me during this period to discuss anything new that may come up.

The remedies are safe and free of side-effects and can be used along side prescription drugs.

Homeopathy is ideal for those who want to explore a more holistic approach to enhance their well-being.  I really hope you make this positive decision and be kind to your bodies – treat it with the respect it so deserves.




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