The Power of Affirmations


Affirmations are a powerful Mind Power technique, statements that you say to yourself.

It is too easy to get caught up in negative thoughts, especially when we aren’t feeling tip top.  Without even realising sometimes, the things we say to ourselves can be really mean.  These self reproaching thoughts can and do effect our mood, our daily life and what we attract in general.  The way we put ourselves down, we would never dream of saying to our friends or family – they’d be horrified!! So why do we think its acceptable to talk to ourselves like that?

I’m ugly, fat, not worthy, can’t do it, don’t deserve it, why would they want to be with me….. these are some of the shocking self beliefs so many women use to describe themselves.

When you become more mindful of what you say to yourself, you can make incredible changes just by making positive statements – do this everyday!!! Life starts to feel better and you will begin to attract all the things you deserve.  Try it x

So this week – let’s look at some of the positive things we can affirm to ourselves……

I am the perfect age today

I grow wiser and stronger as I age

I age gracefully and live fully

I discover new joys of living at every age

I discover true joys of being a woman through age and experience

I am wonderful

I am a Goddess

Whatever you decide works for you – always ensure to state your affirmations in the NOW! e.g “I am”

Avoid using “I need” “I want” “I will” “I wish”


It doesn’t matter where those negative thoughts and horrid self beliefs come from, it’s time to let them go – it is only you hanging onto them…… so embrace your inner beauty, embrace the new life you can have – make the change and use positive affirmations everyday, as many times as you like!!!

If I ever feel a bit down or I can feel myself slipping into a bit of self pity – I push my shoulders back and give myself a good old pep talk! I am really aware of the destructiveness of negative thoughts and aware that I will attract more negativity unless I think positively.  I  also believe the power of gratitude is second to none.


It hasn’t always been like that for me x There were episodes when I would be sooooo rotten to myself.  I’d put myself down and give myself a hard time but over the years, with the help of homeopathy (which helps the mind to let go of negative emotions) and in turn adopting positive thinking, I have attracted good people and I have got back the belief that I can achieve anything………… or should I say “I am achieving!!”

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