Here is Me…

My passion in life is seeing people progress to becoming the best person they can be – symptom free and living life to the full………… A bold statement I know but its what I see on a weekly basis and my patients experience this having chosen to take a homeopathic route when it comes to their health.

Mentally and emotionally people are struggling – and its not just the ‘grown-ups’.  I am seeing more and more children with anxiety, behavioural and sleep problems.  Small children who think the only option is to kill themselves and teenagers who are self harming.  When I first embarked on this homeopathic path, I truly didn’t understand the depth to which homeopathic remedies can reach.  Would I have taken the path? Would I have been confident enough to think I could deal with these sorts of heartbreaking situations?  Probably not but its been an incredible journey and one that I am so so grateful for everyday.

I graduated with a BSc (Hons) degree in health science (Homeopathy) in 2003 and run my practice from my home in East Herts.  I see around 15-20 patients a week who are suffering from a variety of symptoms from acute illnesses to chronic disease.

Over the years, I have treated predominantly women and children but am now seeing more and more men in my practice which is such a positive change. Men are more able to speak about their feelings and the media is encouraging them to come forward with health issues but more importantly, men are speaking to other men.

So a little bit of history …. having worked in the Finance Industry since I left school, I took myself back to university at the ripe old age of 31 to study Homeopathy which was introduced to me by a lovely Irish Man named Michael who was a homeopathic vet in Ireland. When I met him, I was rather disillusioned in life. My career was just not fulfilling me. I had come out of a 7 year relationship and I had no direction in life. I had always loved helping others and been intuitive but how do you turn that into a career? He gave me a book called Medicine for the New Man written by a famous homeopath called George Vithoulkas. The philosophy, theory and principles behind homeopathy just struck a cord within me. I came back from the trip and enrolled on a degree course in Health Science and Homeopathy and graduated in 2003 with a BSc (Hons) Degree and  here is where a whole new chapter of my life began.  I was also blessed mid-way through my studies with a beautiful baby boy – another a serious life changing moment!

This change of career opened my mind to the alternatives out there regarding health and the degree taught me to research and to generally think outside the box. Knowledge is power and it’s empowering when you discover the incredible things that enable us all to take back the responsibility of our own health. Unfortunately health has become big business with sky high profits for the businesses involved….. but, is this truly the best route for some of us?

My latest passion is CBD oil and having researched this for the past 2 years, I have no doubt about the health benefits this incredible oil brings to people’s lives. The industry is set to grow to new heights in the next few years with Forbes predicting the industry being worth in the region of $20 billion by 2024. But this in itself could be problematic. The market has already many inferior products with many oils containing toxins and pesticides and some oils actually not having any of CBD in them at all. I began promoting HempWorx CBD in 2019 having researched the company. For me I was looking for an organic oil to promote and HempWorx provides that with each batch being 3rd party laboratory tested before being despatched. Please check out the link below.


So that’s a little about me – please get in contact if you are looking to be heard, want a medical system that will address your mental and emotional wellbeing as well as your physical health and a system that uses remedies that are natural, free from side effects and have not been tested on any animals.

I will offer you a safe, confidential place where you can come and talk with me literally about anything.  I will not sit in judgement.  I will be a non-prejudice observer and although I will be making notes, these notes are just your words.  Even if you think you couldn’t really open up to me to start with, that’s cool too.  We are all different and some people find it really easy to talk, others not so much.  It just means these two would have different remedies to start the process off.  Homeopathy is based on the beautiful individual person that you are.  So, just reach out and trust that I will work hard to get you feeling well again.

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