Summer Sensations – Remedies and Self Help Titbits!

We all love the summertime don’t we, or do we? Some people really struggle in the heat. And even those of us who thrive this time of year, can be affected by the hot days and nights. I’ve put together some tips together on how to stay safe and well this time of year…….


Sunstroke or too much sun

Aconite – the patient will have excessive thirst, feel anxious, have hot head but could feel chilly.

Belladonna – the patient could be experiencing a throbbing headache, have dilated pupils, heat that radiates out and they will feel hot

China – Debilitated from the sun and loss of fluids. They will be experiencing trembling

Gelsemium – the patient will feel drowsy and possibly light headed. Chills will be running up and down the spine intermittently

Natrum Carb – Completely debilitated by the sun and prone to headaches. These people will always seek out the shade and are much worse for being in the sun.

Pulsatilla – the patient can be affected by the heat of a room, not just from too much sun. They will be emtional (weepy), want to be cared for. They will be light headed and want to be fanned.

Selenium – when the patient is exhausted and feels really sleepy from being in the sun. This is particularly good for babies and the elderly who have overheated


Belladonna – Redness and heat with a possible fever

Cantharis – Sunburn that has blistered


Apis – a specific for bee and wasp stings

Belladonna – When bites are red, swollen, throbbing

Ledum – Especially good for mosquito bites but use whenever the skin has been broken. Our skin is our first line of defence so its a great remedy whenever the skin has been punctured. This is a great remedy for itching from bites too.

Hypericum – If wound looks like its getting infected

Combine both ledum and hypericum if the bites turn a bit nasty – you can alternate the remedies until you feel relief. I know some people are affected more than others so these two remedies are a must during the summer period.

Please contact me for remedies and advice on strength and how often you take them….. 07929769721

Self Help

It is so so important to stay hydrated during the heat of summer. But it’s not just water we lose when we sweat. A great re-hydration drink to consider is:-

1 teaspoon of salt – a good salt though i.e Himalayan, Celtic or Sea Salt – table salt is a no no!!

1 teaspoon of Bicarb of Soda

4 teaspoons of honey

Add all these to 2 pints of water and drink this gently to re-hydrate yourself. You can add carrot juice or other flavours for taste if you wish

Another drink to consider if you have access to Homeopathic Tissue Salts, add Ferrum Phos and Natrum Mur to a litre of water and drink.

Natural aloe vera gel and natural yoghurt are good to use topically to ease symptoms of sunburn.

If you are travelling on holiday, many people can be affected by eating and drinking foreign bacteria. This can cause a loose stool or constipation. The body needs to adjust and these strange bacteria are seen as an irritant. Mild diarrhoea is good as it helps to slow and adjust the body to the new environment. Use homeopathic remedies if this becomes a problem such as Ars Alb, Nux Vom and Lycopodium. You can use the re-hydration recipe above but a stronger first aid tip is Rice Water!

Boil your rice in water for at least half an hour. Strain off the water and add sugar, salt (the good stuff!) and honey. The salt and sugar will help to regain energy levels. If you mix Yoghurt and rice it will help to settle your stomach. If you do not have access to rice, eat a good natural yoghurt.

Other great tips are limit the amount of time you spend in the sun…… be sensible x

I’ve heard and read some great titbits over the years from mums putting their kids pyjamas in the fridge, or using hot water bottle, filled with cold water. Place these in the freezer (don’t overfill because they will expand!) and take these to bed with you……. I would imagine this may help menopausal women too! I’ve also read that placing frozen water bottles in front of a room fan can help cool down the temperature in a room too! Failing that, consider a nice cool shower or my favourite would be to put your feet in a bowl of cold water whilst sucking on a lolly – sounds pretty good to me! You can use this opportunity to give yourself a pamper too!

Dissolve some epsom salts or bicarb of soda in warm water first then add this to cool water in your bowl… and why not add some essentials oils like peppermint, aloe vera, chamomile and fennel to relieve dryness. By adding spearmint or lemon essential oil to the water this will also soothe tired feet.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this – I’ve certainly enjoyed writing it x

There are a number of fabulous alternatives to shop bought suncreams and sunscreens which are much more healthier to use….and on many occasion cheaper too! When you consider our skin is our largest absorption organ and you study the ingredients in some of these creams, you may ask yourself are they creating more problems than solving? I will be doing a separate blog on this subject so watch out for that x

Much love, Josie

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