Homeopathy – Coronavirus and Pneumonia


I have just had the privilege of watching a Webinar by the very experienced and knowledgeable Homeopath Dr Robin Murphy who produced a presentation for a group of homeopaths regarding the situation the world finds itself pertaining to the Coronavirus.

The webinar was given freely and as homeopaths, we were encouraged to share the information with as many people as possible to answer some of the questions that people may have and to offer advice to those who are truly concerned.  It’s for those who are genuinely interested in methods of self-help and the preventative measures we can take if we are worried at all, especially those of us who might be travelling in the near future.

 Before I begin though I have to make a disclaimer that any medical or historical information or statements made here are not intended as a substitute for the diagnosis and/or treatment or any health or physical disease or condition.  The content available is not intended to replace the services or treatment of any physicians or health care professional.  The information I’m about to share is for educational and historical purposes only.  Medical history reveals that homeopathy has successfully treated colds, influenza, bronchitis and pneumonia for over 200 years.

Historically homeopathy has effectively treated diphtheria, cholera, Spanish flu and many other epidemics globally since the 19th century with a marked success over conventional medicine.  With this ‘new’ epidemic, I truly believe homeopathy can help dramatically and I would really like to share with you some suggestions on preventative action we can all take and highlight just some of the remedies that would be beneficial.  Homeopathy is about treating the specific symptoms of the person.  They work on a very deep level and boost a person’s immune system, helping them to fight off the virus or bacteria to aid recovery.

Coronavirus is the name given to influenza = corona meaning crown.  If you see the pictures on the news and on line of the virus, you’ll see little spikes sticking out –  it looks like a ‘crown’.  ‘Novel’ (meaning new) coronavirus is a type of influenza that affect the respiratory tract and when someone with a compromised immune system or weak lungs comes into contact with the virus, it can lead to pneumonia. As individuals, we express illness differently but in the case of epidemics, there are many shared symptoms.  No one remedy will fit all exposed to the virus but in epidemics, there are usually just handful of remedies that will be effective in fighting it.

The death rate so far is around 2,700 globally (as of 27/2/2020) and these were due to complications which affected the vulnerable within our community.  The development of pneumonia and swelling of the lungs has been the cause of death.  Please, please bear in mind though, if you are in relatively good health, you will only develop mild symptoms if you contract it at all and only if you are susceptible.  Medical scientists predicted that over a million people would die from this by now…….

So let’s put things into perspective – around 1 billion people contract flu every year with between 290,000 and 650,000 deaths due to complications.

There are 60 million inhabitants in Italy – As of today, 400 people have contracted Coronavirus and 12 have died. That’s 0.000667% of the Italian population.

It’s good to be aware of this awful flu  but let’s not get dragged into the media frenzy that is going on at the moment.

Let’s look at some of the ways we can help ourselves to stay well during this time.



 We have to be aware of our mind sets during this time too.  The more fear and anxiety we feel, the more we could be compromising our immune systems.  We can become ill when we’re stressed or under pressure emotionally, so please be kind to yourself and take care of your emotional health.

WASH YOUR HANDS – basic hygiene….. cover your mouth and nose, ideally with a tissue and then wash your hands again if you do get the sniffles etc – this is important with any respiratory illness…………… and teach your kids to do the same.  I can still hear my grandmother and mum shouting ‘put your hand over your mouth!’ every time I coughed as a youngster

There are Homeopathic Remedies to take daily for 2-3 days if you have been in contact with anyone with a respiratory condition and if you are worried about travelling to a vulnerable area in the near future.   These will help boost the immune system and are specific for supporting the lungs.   If anyone is interested in a remedy kit, then please contact me on josiechorley@yahoo.co.uk


Signs and Symptoms

First Stage/First Signs of respiratory condition…..

Runny Nose


Sore Throat

High Temperature


All these symptoms can be addressed with homeopathic remedies (i.e Aconite, Belladonna, Ferrum Phos, Alium Cepa but please consult a homeopath) – all have their own particular symptoms and are all effective in fighting infection at the first signs of illness


Herbs, essential oils, tonics and tinctures are also beneficial

Second Stage    


Respiratory Difficulties:

Shortness of Breath – Key!

There are many remedies to address this later stage of the illness if it has been left to develop.

It’s after this stage, untreated in the vulnerable, the illness can develop into pneumonia.

Antibiotics are not effective against viruses but there are many highly indicated homeopathic remedies that will help the body to fight the virus effectively.

For those not familiar with Homeopathy, your mental and emotional health will also be taken into account.  With this type of virus, many people are anxious, fearful and some even believing they may die or suffocate.  Remedies such as Aconite and Ars. Alb would be highly effective in calming the patient as well as addressing the physical symptoms but again I cannot stress enough the importance of searching out a qualified homeopath.

I do not profess to be an expert in other therapies i.e. herbalism, but I have discovered so many tips on how we can help ourselves that I thought I would share these with you….. all of these have a history of helping coughs, colds, flu, and pneumonia – be kind to your bodies.


Some Suggestions:-


If symptoms do persist, or if you are on medication then please seek medical advice –  GP, physician or consultant.

I really hope this has helped to put things into perspective.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any concerns or would like to know how homeopathy could help to keep you feeling well.


Josephine Chorley


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