Emotional and Mental Well-Being

A Positive Story by Josephine Chorley


I’m going to tell you a fairy tale……

Once upon a time there was a medical system that helped support your mental health.  It didn’t require you to stay on medication forever, the pills you took actually helped you to move on from trauma, grief, depression and even anxiety.  All the remedies given were natural, and helped your body’s incredible immune system to heal itself, so whether it was a broken leg, or a broken heart, you healed naturally and permanently.  The medical system wasn’t suppressive.  It allowed the body to move on, strengthening people’s minds, guts and most importantly their hearts.

And they all lived happily ever after…….. x


What if I told you this isn’t a fairy tale and that in fact there is a medical system that can do this for you?  Homeopathy has been in existence for nearly 300 years and its theories and principles are unchanged.  Millions of people around the world benefit from using Homeopathy daily and in times like we are experiencing now, it has come into its own.

Many people are suffering from the other epidemic that is plaguing our world –the one that is affecting our emotional and mental well-being.

Fear and anxiety which is hugely detrimental to our immune systems are having a negative effect on so many people.  But there is help out there and I would like to share with you some fabulous remedies.

One of the biggest remedies for fear is a remedy called Aconite.  When administered by a homeopath, it has a calming influence on the body and allows the person to think with more clarity and to come out of ‘fight or flight’ mode so that they are able to come up with solutions and improve their situation instead of being caught like the rabbit in the headlights scenario.

Arsenicum – one of our top remedies for anxiety.  When someone is in an anxious state, it’s usually derived from thoughts regarding to their future.  Again this remedy will help the body to alleviate the anxiety by addressing the ‘What ifs’.  It will help calm allowing the patient to function more effectively.

One of the remedies I am prescribing at the moment is a remedy called Ignatia.  It is one of homeopathy’s biggest grief remedies.  Grief can be damaging to our health…. Mentally, emotionally and physically.  I often see patients in my practice who say to me “I have never been well since I lost my dad or mum, child etc.  We lose people all the time during our lifetimes and for some it has devastating effects.  With the aid of remedies such as ignatia, homeopaths are able to help people cope better.  The remedy encourages people’s expression of their grief so that it is not internalised.

I have been prescribing this a lot at the moment for those amongst us who are experiencing the loss of their loved ones but also the loss of their jobs.  People are grieving for their old lives mostly, missing friends and family and with the added isolation, people are really suffering.

People are and can be supported at this time.  Please be aware in homeopathy though that it is always best to consult with a homeopath who is experienced in prescribing remedies on an individual basis.  It may not be one of these remedies that you need.  They will know what strength to administer the remedy and will be there to support and send additional remedies should their patients need them.

Please reach out to me if you or anyone you know, of any age, who is struggling emotionally at this time.  It saddens me that too many people are unaware of the medical help available to them that treats them individually, naturally with long term health benefits.  Much love


Josephine Chorley BSc (hons) Health and Science – Homeopathy;  LCCH


07929 769721

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