Detox Daily – 5G, Radiation and Free Radicals

Before I begin I have to make a disclaimer that any medical or historical information or statements made here are not intended as a substitute for the diagnosis and/or treatment or any health or physical disease or condition.  The content available is not intended to replace the services or treatment of any physicians or health care professional.  The information I’m about to share is for educational and historical purposes only.


With fears mounting everyday for the safety of 5G and the effects it will have on us and our wildlife, I have decided to write a blog.  I have been studying and reading papers from hundreds of experts these past few weeks who have freely given their time and knowledge, and I now wish to share all that I have learned.

Firstly I want to say we will be OK. We just need to take back the responsibility of our health.  We CAN protect ourselves and those we love……. we are about to discover all the old ways of boosting immunity and detoxing – ways that have been hidden from us for too long.  Our bodies are extremely clever machines – our immune systems have taken a bashing over the years but now we have tools that will help it to rebalance and do the job it was invented to do without the intervention of so called medical science.

As you know my background is homeopathy and I have been fortunate to have been part of a study group run by a world renown homeopath who has shared what he and many others are suggesting we can do daily to keep ourselves safe and as healthy as possible.  I’m fortunate to have in my armoury the knowledge of homeopathic remedies but love these new discoveries that I will now be embracing and sharing with my patients and anyone else who understands the importance of researching further than the realms of conventional medicine to keep ourselves as healthy as we can…….So here goes………


Activated Charcoal or also known as Carbon 60 (C60)


This powerful antioxidant is an anti-ageing product that is used for longevity and healing of life.  If you consider we are carbon based beings, you will understand just how powerful this product could be by introducing it into our daily regime

C60 has been recognised for its health benefits for years and in 1966 scientists were awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for their findings.

C60 strips the body of heavy metals, toxins, free radicals and viruses!

It is the same material that is found in star dust and meteorites.  The powder found on the floor after lightning has struck is activated charcoal.

The molecular structure looks like a football (Soccer?!?) and consists of 60 carbon atoms that circulate clockwise through the body.  And as it rushes through the body it cleanses it of free radicals (external toxins) that have been absorbed through our bodies (e.g. 5G, radiation etc)

It will also detox metals from vaccines, drugs – both prescription/social and poisons.  Could this help those on the spectrum?

It can be used topically and internally……. but it has to be activated charcoal.

Other Benefits

Slows down ageing process
Enhances memory – altzeimers? dementia?
Increases cell regeneration
Athletes use it to improve their performance, recovery time (lactic acid)
It restores the body’s innate ability to heal itself
Better sleep
Calmer, stronger, more stamina, increased libido
Helps to eradicate bacteria and viruses
Weight loss
May reverse skin disorders

We just need more people to use it!

C60 can be purchased in capsule or powder form – I prefer the powder form as it’s also beneficial to our beloved pets and can be mixed in their food too.  Please use a good source – I see many pellets etc for fish tanks etc on sale but go for a good grade powder or capsule – it must be bamboo or coconut shell version.


1 teaspoon mixed with organic olive oil (dark bottle so its not affected by light) = fat soluble, so that it is absorbed into the body more effectively.

Do this once a day for general health – taken at night
1-2 capsules a day for general health – taken at night

If you have a pre-existing health problem, dis-ease or an acute illness
2 capsules 3-5 times a day
1 teaspoon of C60 in organic olive oil – twice a day
Reduce down once you see improvement

For our pets
1 teaspoon in organic olive oil once a day in their food – this will help their general health and existing health issues.  They revert to being much younger dogs and cats!

Why don’t we know about this?  There’s no money in it – its natural and cannot be patented

It’s a super-antioxidant and covers so many illnesses

Taken orally it can help neutralise radiation as well as many other poisons and heavy metals

C60 has many pores and gaps in its structure making it an excellent absorption product and an electromagnetic wave and radiation shield.

Medical Uses

To eliminate toxic by-products that cause anaemia in cancer patients
Disinfects and deodorises wounds
Filters toxins from blood in liver and kidney disease
Purifies blood in transfusions
Cuts down on odours for ileostomy and colostomy patients
Treats poisonings and overdoses of aspirin, Tylenol and other drugs
Treats forms of dysentery, diarrhoea, dyspepsia and foot & mouth disease
Treats poisonous snakes, spiders and insect bites

There are numerous books out there giving you 101 benefits and uses for it – please go and research this amazing product – I’m just here to offer the advice given to me

But for starters just type in antioxidant and carbon 60 into your browsers – this will lead you to a fantastic video!


Hydrogen Water – Enormous Molecular Power Support


Also known as H2 – and it’s best known for energy and is another super anti-oxidant to protect us from radiation and 5G

There are over 700 peer research studies on the benefits of Hydrogen Water (H2).  You can go look at the YouTube videos – there is so much research available

In ancient medicine the 4 elements of the body are addressed as Earth, Water, Air and Fire = Carbon 18%, Hydrogen 10%, Oxygen 65%, and Nitrogen 13%.  We’ve covered the earth section (C60) so let’s look at the water element now.

Hydrogen consists of just 2 electrons and it is known to be able to ‘donate’ = give away; detox.  Hydrogen is the most abundant molecule in the universe,  its a colourless, odourless and tasteless gas.  In 2007 a team of Japanese scientists discovered inhaled, it could act as a powerful anti-oxidant and protect the brain from free radicals.

In water, it is loaded with hydrogen molecules so its the most practical and easy way of getting hydrogen into the whole body.  Because it is the smallest existent molecule it can penetrate into every cell, organ and body system, literally flushing out free radicals everywhere.  With very few side effects and with a such wide ranging action, this could be what the world has been looking for.


It clears the mind and is another very powerful anti-oxidant known to increase anti-oxidant powers
Improves recovery
Supports cellular signalling and health
Maintains homeostasis = balance
Neutralises free radicals
Protect the brain from free radicals – altzeimers? dementia?
Reduces oxidative stress
Supports key enzymes
Weight loss
Anti-allergy activity
Mood Disorders
Anti cancer potential
Help with side effects of chemotherapy and radiation
Enhances wound healing
Boosts skin health
Protects the heart, liver, eyes, kidneys, lungs
Combats allergies
Bacteria and oral health benefits


Just 1 tablet added in a glass jug of water will help to address so many things – you will just need to look at the PPM – parts per million.  You want to aim for 1.5 – 4 PPM per tablet.  There might be products on the market that try to trick you by stating “4,000 PPB” which is basically the same thing but they have changed the M to a B!

Take 1 tablet, add it to a glass jar or jug – around 16oz and cover it.  It will start to release gas.  You can then drink it over the next hour.  Any longer and the gas will start to weaken and will even start to seep out of the glass its that small.

There are so many different ways of getting Hydrogen water – from battery operated infusers to appliances for the home.


There’s a myth surrounding the amount of water we should be drinking each day.  If you are thirsty, then drink.  If you are waking at night to urinate, then you could be drinking too much.  If you are over drinking, you could be overworking your kidneys and adrenals which isn’t such a good thing.  And you’re better to drink a glass of water down straightaway.


With a combination of C60 with your food and hydrogen water daily, this would make a significant difference to your health.




5G cannot go through walls.  Let’s discuss a few other things you might want to consider introducing to your homes.

Shungite – pronounced ‘shungee’

This is an ancient energy stone and made up of 98% carbon – the basic element of human life.  You can wear it, place it in water, place it on your routers, TVs, computers etc.  It comes in pyramid – the larger they are the more protection they give – so buy one relative to the space you want to protect.  There are 3 classifications of Shungite
Elite = 98% carbon
Petrovsky Shungite = 50-70% carbon
Black Shungite = 30-50% carbon

I would definitely recommend the Elite.

You can buy carbon black paint and use on your walls.  Beekeepers paint this on the roofs of the beehives and even place the stones at the entrance to the hives.  Our bees are so important for the survival of our planet and the human race.  If we lose our bees, we lose 90% of the world’s nutrition!


It is so important to make contact with the earth.  Too many of us live in cities, we wear rubber shoes, flip flops etc.  Walking barefoot on the soil for 10 minutes everyday will literally earth you!  You will transmit electrical currencies from your body to the earth.  Qi-gong an ancient exercise and breathing art will also help to ground you.  This, yoga or a standing meditation each day barefoot will also help to eliminate free radicals from the body.

You can purchase grounding mats to place under computer keyboards or to put on the floor under your feet when on a computer.  Grounding sheets can be bought to place on your beds.  I absolutely love mine.  You plug it in but don’t turn it on.  This will earth the sheet so you will be grounding during your sleep which when you consider is the time our bodies’ recover and cells rejuvenate – its a powerful time to be releasing free radicals.

Historically, indigenous people around the world have known of the benefits of grounding.  Many had ceremonies whereby they covered their bodies in mud. We could go right back to the Greeks and Hercules…… who got all his strength from the earth!  Father Kneiff a hydrotherapy expert and recommended the alternation of hot and cold on an injured part of the body, also recommended walking barefoot everyday on the ground.

Hering, the most famous of Homeopaths in America tells a story of a man who was convulsing after  being struck by lightning – they literally buried him in the earth and he survived.  Many other cultures used to place a dying person on the ground to ease their pain. It’s a really interesting concept and one that I am very new to.  But all I know is since the whole family have been sleeping on their grounding sheets, we have all noticed a difference in the quality of our sleep.

Other things to Consider

No to 5G phones
Do not place any phone in the front pockets of your jeans or trousers or in your bra ladies!
Use speakerphone or wired headphones for voice calls
Turn data off and WiFi off when you don’t need it
Use Shungite stickers on the backs of phones, ipads, computers,
Get rid of your microwave ovens! Go for an infra-red oven instead
Shut WiFi off at night and don’t sleep with the phone near to you
Avoid halogen and fluorescent lights
Take epsom salt baths, using baking soda or bicarb of soda
Avoid bluetooth – use ethernet or fibre optic where possible
LED Lights – new research is out now stating the dangers associated with these.  French scientists have produced a paper “Health Risks of LED Lighting”.   They can damage the retina and disturb our biological and sleep rhythms.  Its also associated with age-related macular degeneration  Blue light has a terrible effect on our melatonin levels – which will effect our sleep patterns. We produce most of this between 2.00am and 3.00am! so this is especially bad for shift workers like our medical staff.  Sleep is our most important function – sleep deprivation has been used as a form of torture so it’s a known fact how important it is to get a good nights sleep.


Please don’t get obsessed – we can deal with this.  Avoidance is the key.  Turn stuff off, eat well, sleep well and even if you just do C60 and hydrogen water, these two things will make such a difference.  Find a homeopath who will help boost your immunity on an emotional, mental and physical level too – our immune systems are nature’s gifts and it’s time to nurture them.  Many people have either forgotten the power of immunity or could it be that the truth has been hidden from us for too long


Much Love x

5G Danger: Hundreds Of Respected Scientists Sound The Alarm About Health Effects As 5G Networks Go Up Nationwide






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