This week I’ll be mostly…forgetting everything!

For someone who in their heart still feels 29, becoming perimenopausal – and admitting it – was a bit of a shock!  But it was surprisingly comforting to know I wasn’t losing the plot.  There was a perfectly good reason for my craziness – phew!

At 50, one of the worst things for me was my memory, or lack of it I should I say.  All of a sudden, I found myself drawn to those cards in Clintons that said things like, “How come I can still remember the words from that song from 1973, but I can’t remember why I was walking up the stairs?”!  I took comfort knowing that if there was a card about it then I couldn’t be the only one!  Having laughed out loud (LOL – check my bad self!), I shared one of those lovely moments with a complete stranger that day in the card shop who could also relate to the irony.  It was then that I thought, us ladies need to start talking about it more openly and sharing our stories and funny moments.  Hence this blog…../if it was happening to me, I was positive it was happening to others too!

So let’s not be embarrassed but instead embrace it….. ‘cos there ain’t nuffink we can do about it!  It’ll happen to all of us.  I personally can’t wait to not be hormonal anymore 😉

Being self employed meant I needed to stay focused and remember names, places, clients, appointments – I didn’t have team members to remind me or someone who I could secretly ask “What’s their name again?”.  The pressure was on!!  Everyone became Lovely, Mate or Toots!

So I became the Queen of the Post-It notes…….. those little darlings became my best friends…… I’d see them everyday, on the fridge, by the side of the bed, in my diary!! My favourite ones were the ones reminding me I was on a diet, placed strategically on the bread bin, kitchen cupboards etc.  I even resorted to hanging my favourite size 12 jeans on the back of the kitchen door for inspiration, as well as reminding me that my size 16 arse was no closer to getting in them than it was the year before!!

The great thing about having a poor memory though was my ability to keep secrets!!! Whether they were my friends’ or clients’ ………… they could rely on me to not spill the beans!  Countless conversations ensued with me saying “Noooooo you never told meeeee!” – I’m sure I managed to blag it most of the time though…………. but there were many occasions my friends would look at me doubtfully but happily give me the details again or perhaps they too were menopausal and didn’t realise they had told me before!

I also went from being a fabulous card sender – never missing a birthday or celebration……………….to a really bad one!!!  But, unless I wrote it in my diary, there was no chance!!!  I’d have no problem remembering my own birthday though 😉 – and of course I’d leave post-it notes around for everyone else so they wouldn’t forget hehe x

My crowning glory though was when, one sunday, I reached into the cupboard for the potatoes to peel for our Sunday roast, only to find a carrier bag, a bleeding carrier bag actually…. with a joint of beef in it!!!  There was a brief moment of confusion followed by the realisation, I’d put the potatoes in the freezer instead of said joint and the joint in the vegetable cupboard.

But as I have always found, there is always humour and something positive to bring out of what, at times, appears to be the worst situations.  I learnt this from my fabulous Dad, who I miss every day.

Thank God for remedies x