This week I’ll be mostly…… waking up at 3.00am!


If you’re peri-menopause or menopause, the chances are you wake at least once at night….. (only once I hear you cry!) whether it’s because your bladder is about to burst or your hot flushes, night sweats have again left you in a pool of your own sweat and your nightie is clinging to you like a flying lemur!  Gone are the days of the Miss Wet T-Shirt competition eh?!

This is such a nightmare and do any of you experience waking at the exact time every night?  When I started my journey into the last aspect of my womanhood, for a whole week I woke at 3.06am every morning….. to the point where I would come to and almost plead for it not to be 3.06am – It was starting to get a little spooky! not to mention bloody annoying…….

From someone who has never really had problems sleeping, or urinating in the middle of the night, this was a real shock to my system….. sleep is just so important.  I even managed to escape those sleepless nights as a young mum as my son was an absolute dream of a baby and slept through the night from about 11 weeks……… I promise there is no smugness around this statement but its probably why I stopped at one child! I just knew if I bred again, I would end up with the Satan’s sporn.  Even now, he can sleep on the side of a penny!

But I just wanted to share with you what homeopathy did for me.  I took the appropriate remedies that best matched my symptoms and things settled down nicely.  What I found though, the symptoms that occur through the menopause can change on a daily, weekly and monthly basis so because I had the knowledge and remedies close to hand, I was able to feed my immune system what it needed….. I looked at the symptoms and took the appropriate remedy.

Our bodies at this time are changing rapidly with levels of oestrogen and progesterone peaking and troughing regularly – that’s why we feel like we are all over the place! Up then down, angry then weepy.  Some days you’d do anything to be alone then the next you may feel really lonely and crave the company of good friends or your partner or your children who are usually getting ready to fly the nest or worse, they are young teenagers and speaking to you like you are dog shite on their shoes………

It can be a tough time x

My menopause was eased so much by homeopathy and I so want you to understand that it doesn’t have to be a negative, scary stage.  With regular contact with a homeopath, you will be given remedies that will help YOU.

My hot flushes were helped by a remedy called Pulsatilla.  I would take one and almost immediately the flushing would ease.  I didn’t wake up at night, I felt happier and my memory improved dramatically.  Then I found with my journey, about two weeks later, I would wake up in the night doing the Hokey Cokey (left leg in, left leg out… in, out, in, out)  or I would be doing something during the day and I would feel a hottie coming on!  So I would then repeat the remedy, and the symptoms would disappear.

That was nearly three months ago.  Because I was in a position to have access to the right remedies, I fed my body what it needed and it got stronger and the imbalances were addressed.  I have not woken now in the night for weeks and I have not had a hot flush either.

I cannot tell you how amazing I feel now.  You don’t realise just how hormonal you are until your not!  My confidence is up, I feel like I can ditch the post-it notes (although I still write lists!) and generally I feel great.

All I have to do now is lose 2 stone by next Saturday (Party to go to) and the world will be rosy!  Seriously though, I really am now on a mission to address my eating habits and I choose to take a more nutritional route and get back on a low carb diet which really suits me.  I am DETERMINED not to have another fat summer – watch this space x


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