Sum Dea = I am Goddess

Depicted as the last aspect of a woman’s journey through life, the Crone was originally honoured, loved and worshipped.  She represented wisdom and beauty and was known as the healer and midwife.  The word Crone comes from the word Crown and I think we all deserve a crown for the fabulous things we have achieved in this life; whether it be raising a family, supporting friends and family or building a fabulous career.


Whether your journey has been a relatively easy one or one that has thrown you a curve ball at each corner, we should be proud of ourselves and embrace this potentially amazing transition in our lives.  We can make a positive change by embracing our Goddesses, making the next stage of our journey an incredible one.  We have a choice!

It was during the Middle Ages that the term Crone was used in a detrimental way and “the powers that be” depicted these amazing women in a negative light – as a wicked witch or a hag and unfortunately it is how many people, including women, still view the menopause.

But thankfully things are changing.  With many of us blessed with longer lives, there are more and more strong, positive women prominent in today’s world.  Things are far from perfect though – if not a little scary at times – but we can make a difference.  If we can just start to look at what we DO have and what we have learned, instead of what we DON’T have any more, it’s a great start.

As wise women, we can really make a difference – especially to our younger girlies who will be faced with the same problems that we were and sometimes I think the pressure on them is actually worse than anything I faced growing up.

We are not in competition with them – we’ve had those years – we are here to guide, to help them, to show them that it’s ok to make a fool of yourself, to not take yourself too seriously and embrace everything that life throws at you, LEARN from it and go on to be a better person.

We have done such a brilliant thing in preparing our young ladies for puberty but the subject of menopause is still a little hush hush.  It’s a sure thing that we are going to hit it at some point, so we need to start educating ourselves and those around us.

It’s not about getting old, its about getting wiser and ‘sassier’, feeling comfortable in our own skin, bodies and minds.  We need to be kind to ourselves and pat ourselves on the back for surviving this long!!

The change of life can be a positive change but only you can make that happen.  You are powerful, beautiful and sassy!  Sum Dea means “I am Goddess”.  Embrace your Goddess and grow older, wiser and why not do it a little bit disgracefully – but in a natural way of course!

With the help of homeopathy, natural products and suggestions, take back the control and responsibility of your health to become the crowned Crone inside of you and be the best that we can be and deserve!

Josephine @ Crone, Goddess, owner of a colourful life, mother to a beautiful 18 year old son and a good friend

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