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Here in the UK, CBD oil is now legal. It is classified as a Novel Food Supplement and so many people could benefit from taking it daily. Inside our bodies we have an Endocannabinoid System that was discovered in the 1990’s. It is a vital system, with hundreds of receptors all over our bodies and works with all of our other systems in the body.  Its function is to maintain balance or the technical term is ‘Homeostasis’.

Why this internal system is still not taught in our medical school is quite the mystery!

Up until 1920’s here in the UK and 1930’s in the states, all livestock was fed on Hemp – so when we consumed the products, we received all the benefits of cannabinoids through our food. But since then our bodies have been starved of this vital food supplement because the plant was demonised.

As soon as you start to take CBD oil, which is one of the most powerful suppliers of Cannabinoid, our bodies know exactly what to do with it, as the receptors pick it up and distribute it to the areas of the body that need it. It has a positive effect on so many different regions of the body. It is also a huge anti-inflammatory product and when you consider that most problems in our bodies relating to illness and discomfort are caused by inflammation, you can understand the benefits of taking CBD oil on a daily basis.

It can help people on an emotionally, mentally and physically level – but because our endocannabinoid system has been left dormant for years, it is vital that when using the CBD oil, people need to know to start slow and low – 2 drops under the tongue, morning and evening for 5-7 days, increasing to 4 drops morning and night after that. The idea is to find your own individual optimum level. You cannot overdose on the oil – but you can waste it. The average intake is between 4 and 6 drops morning and night but this is just a guide. Some may need more, some less.

Benefits – Emotionally it can help with concentration, people feel more focused. People are reporting an improvement in their memory and generally feeling calmer and more positive. Physically – CBD oil is as I said a powerful anti-inflammatory product and research and the thousands of testimonies out there suggest huge benefits for people.

Please do not confuse CBD oil with Medical Cannabis Oil. There are two main elements to CBD oil –
THC – this is what gives you the high – and at the moment illegal in this country. THC is a major part of the medical cannabis oil, with reports of people curing themselves of cancer. So please do not confuse this with CBD oil.

CBD – The part of the plant that helps with your mood, memory, sleep/wake cycle and appetite. It’s classed as a Novel Food Supplement and by law, we are not allowed to advertise the health benefits but there are so many testimonials out there and more and more research is being carried out to discover what this amazing oil can do for people. You only have to google it! This is safe to take if your place of work does random drug testing.


HempWorx is an established company with thousands and thousands of testimonials backing up their claims. They are so confident in their product that they offer you a 60 day empty bottle, money back guarantee on your first order. That’s how confident they are.

I personally believe we should all be taking this even if there are no obvious symptoms. My family and myself have been using this oil regularly and are experiencing different benefits – such as less anxiety, better sleep, improved digestion and some of my older family members are saying they are now pain free.

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Please consult with your doctor, physician or consultants if you have an existing medical condition and/or on prescription medication

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