Some of my journey so far……

We all have two lives. The second one starts when we realise we only have one

At each major birthday (a new big figure!!) I can honestly say each new decade has brought something new and exciting.  I have struggled, I have battled but I have also learned.  At 53 now, I can honestly say I am more confident than ever! I can just hear my old Nan saying to me when I was a self-conscious teenager…. “Oh, if only I knew then what I know now… I would have been dangerous!”. I loved her, she was wise and funny, if not a little bonkers at times, but I miss that relationship in my life.

I took myself back to university at the ripe old age of 31. I always promised myself I would do a degree course later in life and that’s what I did.  I graduated with a BSc (Hons) Degree in Health Science and Homeopathy and it changed my life.  I was blessed mid way through my studies with a beautiful baby boy who is now 18! This career change from a City Girl, to an alternative therapist has allowed me to be around for most of his life and I knew that my career would grow at the rate of him.  Being a single mum with an absent father has been tough but we have had the most amazing life. I am so grateful to my family and my homeopathy – both have definitely kept me from going crazy at times… well, crazier!

Over the years, it has been predominantly women and children I have seen and am now launching this new career – whilst in the menopause myself – to help other women who are at times struggling with these hormonal changes.  The remedies I have personally used have helped with the numerous symptoms and so far, so good.

My patients have also reported great improvements on a physical level as well as on a mental and emotional level, too.  Ladies feel calmer, more able to cope and a general sense of well-being is achieved.  It is this that motivates me to get this message out there – there are alternatives around!

I want to promote the menopause in a positive light. We have so much to offer as we reach this stage in our lives and, with the help of homeopathy, we can make a huge difference.  We don’t have to suffer, we don’t have to make statements like “Oh its my age”, we don’t have to feel like we are losing the plot, we can still enjoy a great sex life if we want to and we can definitely feel more energised.

There are so many things we should be grateful for.  I am blessed now with the best, best friends I have ever had. The relationships are all based on trust and honesty and the odd glass (bottle!) of wine. We can say “no” and “yes” when we want and we all have the potential to make positive changes to our lives.

I look forward to sharing your journey and hope you choose to make this a positive change in life, an empowered transition into your Goddess.

Josephine Chorley

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